Spearheaded by Howard Co., Maryland, the idea of a Community Emergency Response Network is gaining traction across the United States. Even though there can be various incarnations or names for such groups, they all serve a similar purpose: to prepare and mitigate the effects of disasters both natural and man-made.

Dallas, TX has an Emergency Response Network (no community in the name) and it abides by much of the same rules as a CERN. So what is the basis of CERN? What are the components of CERN? What are the benefits?

CERNs are established to be a preparatory collection of businesses, agencies, and individual citizens ready to work cohesively together for the community’s greater good. These various entities work together before, during, and after disasters trying to ease the burden on any individual group or resource.

Saline-Gallatin County CERN

Saline County and Gallatin County are currently working on the development of a local CERN. It will encompass both counties and resemble a mutual aid agreement. With so many disasters occurring in a comparatively short amount of time, it could only do good. The outpouring of support from within and without the community illustrate the need for organizations who can effectively control resources and use them to the utmost in emergency situations.

If you or someone you know or your company or someone you know’s company is interested, please contact our SCEMA office at 618-252-3732



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